Why I l Love WordPress

Every time I work with WordPress, I am very happy.  I feel very grateful to be a user of this piece of technology. There are several reasons why I have chosen some time ago to work solely with WordPress CMS for small and medium sized projects.

Ease of Plug-in Integration

One of those reasons is that WordPress has a very sleek and modular codes base that makes it easy for plug-ins to integrate into the system. Most plug-ins have high frequency of use, but WordPress supports these plug-ins quite well.

WordPress is updated quite often. However, this is a hassle for some people. Most of these people built their own things based on WordPress; they just take the raw code and program items into it. For these people, the best thing to do is develop a very well-planned plug-in which works with WordPress, WordPress Mu, and BuddyPress. That way, it’s much easier to build a site or functionality into your site which you can easily upgrade when a new version comes up.

Big WordPress Community

Another advantage of WordPress is the big community around it. This is good for several reasons; one, you can find answers to your problems quite quickly, with people who will help you solve your problem. Also, most problems have already been encountered before by someone who wrote down the solution they employed.

Market for WordPress-based Products

There is also a market now for people who develop products based on WordPress. We now see many people and businesses that are using WordPress. Thus, it makes sense to develop premium plugins for WordPress which you can then sell.

Evolution of WordPress

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are all great products. They all have their weaknesses and pitfalls, but if you look at the development that has taken place over time, you can very clearly see that WordPress has evolved from a very simple blogging system, to a mid-sized CMS system that has important functions. Now, it has media libraries and custom posts, does great in SEO, and is very easy to use.

What really convinced me, at least for WordPress 2.6, is that their guys made a usability research and they looked at a lot of different types of menus.  They considered how the menu can be structured in order to have the best possible effect for users of all levels of experience. This convinced me that these guys are looking into helping the user.  They let go of things they would like to have and let the users decide.  WordPress is doing this very well. They’re looking at the community and they’re integrating features if it makes sense.

What I also like is they throw away stuff that gets too heavy.  The development made with Joomla or Drupal is somewhat slower than and not as usable as WordPress. With WordPress, it’s pretty straightforward and it is the only piece of server-based web publishing software that I can give away without support. Maybe that sounds funny, but people find their way around WordPress, because it has a good tutorial, it has great videos on YouTube, and in general,  it’s very easy to use.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you get going with WordPress. It’s a fantastic system no matter if you want to blog or if you want a full-blown CMS.

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