What is Crowd Sourcing?

Crowd sourcing basically means the knowledge of the crowd. It is a new way of solving problems. It’s a new method that has been brought about by the revolution of the digital technology. Before the rise of the internet, when finding a solution, you were mostly limited to time and space, at least one of those factors. You can, for example, send a letterto any place of the world. But then it takes time to communicate. Or you can call someone, but then you might not be awake at the same time if that person comes from another continent. With the internet, we got rid of that problem because now we can communicate, for example, in a forum without necessarily having to be at the same place and time. That changes the whole methodology on how to generate solutions to a given problem.

Finding a good solution

Fact is, pretty much everything happens random in this world. Even though we have the ability to structure the randomness of the world around us in some way, a lot of things still are random. Coming up with a good idea is part due to a good creative method of thinking and part just random. If you have a hundred creative people in a room, you cannot say who is going to come up with the best solution. The more people you have that are thinking about a solution to a specific problem, the more chances you have of finding a good solution.

You will also find that the quality of the solution would probably be a normal distribution. That means that there are lots of middle good answers, there are few very bad answers and there are some really good answers. But you don’t know which are which before you know the results. Taking on hundred creative people and giving the job thinking about problems in your company probably is very expensive. This is usually due to the fact that you don’t need people generating solutions to problems all the time. Once you find the solution, that’s ok. The people can think about something else. This is a more dynamic system where the people thinking about the solution and the people having the solutions are connected to a contract through each other, and that seems much more efficient.

Outsource finding solutions

On top of that, if you outsource finding solutions to specific problems, you save money because this is cheaper, or at least in the long run. You get a contact with a lot of interesting people that might be valuable to you later on. For example, in the process of implementing the solution, you don’t get the same ideas all the time. If you’ve got your own creative team, they will develop a culture at some point. Developing a culture also means that you use the same method again. This is of course good, it takes time and everyone knows what he’s up to. But then this is also a problem because if you want to be creative, you need your own part. People outside the circle, they give you new import, which is a good thing.

Put up a question

Using crowd-sourcing agencies can be very valuable. It gives you lot of new ideas, it’s cheaper, and it is much more efficient and you will have access to solutions that you didn’t have before. There might be people who generate ideas that you can’t think of. There are different systems which you can do if you want to use crowd sourcing in your business. Probably the easiest method there is just putting up a question somewhere where people can answer. That’s the basic technical thing you need for crowd sourcing, and that can be at many places. That can be at Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If you use social networks of different kinds, you can actually use twitter for that, which is a pretty good tool. You can use your blog, so people can post comments. Or in a more metonivo, you can use different blog posts and trackbags to form a set of blog posts that is developing in an idea.

Specific crowd-sourcing agencies

However, there are specific agencies also that help you with the process. What they usually do is they are knowledgeable about how to do crowd sourcing basically. What that means is that they know what kind of questions you have to ask, how you have to structure the process in order to come to good solutions, and they will usually take care of the question, and put it online for you. They will also have a website or technology which takes care of people who are reading and having a profile and sending in solutions and being notified for clarifications of the questions, and stuff like that. They also have the community because what you really want is you want to have as many relevant people that read through your question and then post an answer.

Top-notch agencies

There are also several top-notch crowd sourcing agencies and communication agencies, those that really make a huge difference. Those are networks and agencies for the real big brands, and you need to have quite some money in order to have them allowed to campaign, do crowd-sourcing, or organize them for you. With the trunk networks that you have, there’s quite a huge price money. You can come up with questions like, “whoever finds the newest largest prime number”, or “who comes up with a new alloy”. It doesn’t have to be scientific. But it’s usually about products or coming up with great inventions, and lots and lots of money are involved.

Small crowd-sourcing

Then you have really small crowd-sourcing, do-it-yourself websites, post your question here for 52 hundred bucks and then people can win a few dollars. These are more for small questions. However, there isn’t a great tool so far for small two-meal sizes. This is actually where the new crowd sourcing agency Brainrack comes into supply, and just for the full disclosure here, I am actually on the advisory board of Brainrack. Brainrack is a new kind of agency where you can win reasonably high price money so students which are the main focused group are attracted to that website. They have a good system on how to deal with the proces of generating solutions.

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