Video Expert Business in a Box


For more information call me on +49 211 5800 3844 or read the blog post I wrote about the Expert Business in a Box.

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  • Martin Metzmacher:

    Hi Mart,

    thanks! Focus on the passive income strategy and keep your product as “real” as possible. So in the case of fitness – I guess your first product should focus on Video.

  • Nice video Martin!

    Sure I can use this in my personal training business soon.

    Mart Jansen

  • Thanks Chantal,

    Really appreciate your comment.
    Let's have a Coffee sometimes next week, maybe in Elst? Like that little Place there… What is it called? De Droom or something. Good place to work and meet if you are a freelancer in the Nijmegen area…

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  • Bravo! Well done. Nice video with good insight information. I would love to see some results myself. Talk to you soon.


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