Using Voice-Over-IP for your business

I am a tech geek, I guess, and I love gadgets. Actually, I love free stuff and everything which has something to do with the internet and communication. No wonder I got hooked on voice over IP because this brings all of this together.


Let me explain a little bit what Voice-Over-IP actually means. Probably the most commonly known Voice-Over-IP or VOIP today is Skype. Even though it’s a close system and you can’t use normal phone with it, still a lot of people know it. The VOIP basically means to talk to someone on the phone by using the internet as a connection.

A VOIP is actually a standard for digital phoning. Basically the standard defines how your virtual phone line [which is the internet] should behave, who you call when you call [555 or whatever].

Advantages of VOIP

There are some advantages if you use VOIP. First, mostly it’s free. Your number is free. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee! Second, the calls are cheaper, and third, it allows flexibility. For example, I have my IP line configured in a way so I can call. When someone calls me it rings at home, at work and all my mobile phones. I can decide to take the call wherever I am at that moment.

Also, you can have several numbers connected to one phone. Obviously a lot of people have that right now, but why is that something special? Well, it is something special because I have a German, a Dutch and soon, I will have a US number, all in the same account. With just one phone ring I can get the call. This gives me the possibility to supply my clients in different countries with different phone numbers. They can all have their own number. My Dutch clients can call me on the Dutch number; my German clients call me on the German number. And this works just fine. The speech quality is good. I used to have problems with it but now I’m very happy with the quality. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is even better than the normal phone. Obviously, it’s hard to for me to say since I haven’t used the normal phone in a long time.

Install a VOIP

You can use VOIP on your computer. If you use a headset, install the computer program. Now, you can take and make VOIP calls pretty much everywhere you have an internet connection. VOIP is available at more places right now than it used to and it’s pretty cool. For example, I can take my iPhone and I’ll start up the sipgate application. Then, I can make calls and receive calls through the wireless network as if I’m just at home.

I have only touched on one feature of Voice-Over-IP and obviously this gets more and more interesting for more users. One more thing, if someone calls you and you’re not there, they’ll leave a message. You get send this message via email and people can also send you fax which makes it all the more great.

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