Tools for online collaboration that I work with everyday

Tool 1: Gmail

Gmail is the best email client and email provider I know. The usability is unrivaled. In all the time that I have used it, I had only experience a quarter of an hour when Gmail was not reachable. It is very flexible; you can change it around so it fits your needs. For example, I use gmail with my own domain. I use a google apps mail account that works like gmail, and instead of having, I have Furthermore, this also allows me to supply email addresses and google apps accounts to all my employees.

Tool 2: Facebook

This is the easiest tool to use in terms of short messaging and writing or communication which is not by email or voice. Most of the people working for serious marketing are nerds, so we hang out on Facebook; we chat a lot via the Facebook chat.  Obviously we can also use gmail which has an integrated chat. I also really like Facebook for sending video messages. Not many people are doing that, but it’s so easy to record a video with your webcam and send it to people. Sometimes, that is just so much more handy than writing a text.

Tool 3: Skype

Skype is a program where you can have audio and video talks, and it’s free. It doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth, and you can use it to communicate with several people all at once, like a conference. Furthermore, Skype is the only system I have found to work where it doesn’t matter if you have Windows, Linux, Mac, or even when you’re on your iPhone. It supports a very wide range of devices, and it’s a very functional tool.

Tool 4: Google docs

We use Google docs to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, and we also use the form feature a lot in order to get feedback to and from each other about the process we are working on, about stuff we’re doing, and about the progress we’re making. I don’t have many documents outside of Google docs right now. When I started with Google docs, I never switched back to offline.

Tool 5: Drop Box

Another tool I use a lot is Drop Box. Drop Box is basically a virtual hard disk which provides you some space where you can put your data.  It makes it very easy to share your data between different computers and with several people as well.   As it was with Google docs, I loved it the first time I used it and it is so easy to use.  I’ll keep on using it for files I would need to reference among my different computers. I upload audio files which then get transcribed.  It’s a great tool.
These are the tools for online collaboration which I use the most and I think you will like them as well.

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