What’s so new about the new media?

The Back Channel

What’s so new about the new media? Well first let’s define what we mean by new media. Usually old media means journals, TVs, radio, books. New media is usually internet related stuff, so that would be blogs, Facebook, linking, just generally all sorts of social media. The real difference between the old and the new media is that you have a back channel from the user to the producer. In fact, there isn’t any division anymore between a producer and a consumer.

The Start of a Discussion

So it is really the new back channel that defines the new media. Another new feature is that you can leave a comment pretty much everywhere. If you’re on Youtube and you watch a video, you could leave a comment and everyone else watching the video can see your comment and leave a comment as well, and can comment on your comment. Whereas before, showing a video was a static thing, now it becomes the start of a discussion. You want to involve the people around you. You want people to think with you, to talk with you, to join the discussion.

So who’s got the power now?

Well, the crowd has the power now. Everyone who is reading your piece or watching your video can comment on it. And in fact, the amount of comments that a piece of content gets is often used as a mark for how popular this piece of information is.

Social media is about getting warm feelings. That’s what business is about. You don’t sell information to people – You sell emotions!

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