The Martin Metzmacher Conspiracy

Due to my visability on the Internet for such critical issues as Prezi on the iPad or Fullscreen Flash with dual monitor setup – I often have to disguise myself in real life. I usually do not change my name. Why whould I?

I just mumble I bit more than I usually do. It works just fine.

Whereas in Germany that usually leads to “Netzmacher”, “Metzger” or something similar there is more to see than just that. Attached you find a list of variations of my name that actually made people visit this site.

  • martin metzmacher
  • martin metzenmacher
  • martinmetzzmacker
  • marrtin metzmacher
  • martin matzenmacher
  • martin metzmachert
  • martin metzmachet
  • martin metzmachetr
  • martin metzmachr
  • martin metzmacxhger
  • martin metzmcher
  • martin mezmacher
  • metzenmacher martin
  • mnartin metzmacher

…actually it’s all just me Martin METZMACHER!

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