The Life I Have

At the moment I really have the best life I could imagine and I’m so happy about this. I have finished my studies and I am getting ready for life 2.0.

Financial Stability

I just started to earn quite a lot of money.  A few months ago, I started to charge 80 Euros per hour, plus taxes, and this is going very well.  I actually have a waiting list now; people are waiting to talk to me at this current rate.  You can probably look at this from a psychological point of view to the external validation of my personality, but if you look at it from a more economical view, I just took 80 bucks from a book I read. This book said that in order to survive as a freelance person you need to make about 80 bucks per hour.

Earning to Survive as a Freelance Person

In this book, I read that as a freelance person, you need to make about 80 Euros per hour in order to have a good income. Basically, you need to earn about twice that of an employed person if you’re self-employed. That’s what I did. In fact, I didn’t start at, for example, 50 bucks and then worked my way up. No. I told myself, “What I need to do is earn 80 bucks per hour and let my worth increase.”

Increasing my Worth

I am pretty sure that my worth will increase. Even more, I think that within half a year, this would probably be 120 Euros per hour. When I say per hour I don’t really mean per hour because this would be charged per hour but then I sometimes put an extra time. It gets cheaper for the clients; it doesn’t get cheaper in the money but I sometimes put in an extra hour for someone. For example, there is this start up group I work for in the U.S. and they don’t get a better price.  Since they have booked me for a few hours per month in advance they get some extra hours for free.  It’s my gift for them.

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