The Blueprint for My Business Life

I would like to find out which way I am going with my business. At the moment, I have two ideas in my head for Serious Marketing. One way is to be an adviser. I’ll advise other people about marketing and online psychology. I’ll do that as a freelancer or consultant for another company. Or, I could do the marketing for my own company and its products. Obviously, this is something very financially interesting. This way, it all goes back to me, back into my pocket.

My Work as an Entrepreneur

I’ve never really liked the idea of working for other people, but being a consultant is quite fun, since you get to choose your projects and who you want to work with. In the long run, I think I’m more of an entrepreneur.

For the next couple of years, I’ll work part-time in developing my own projects, or doing marketing for products of companies I’m a stakeholder in. While I’m doing this, I’ll also do some consultant work to keep the money coming in. It will also widen my network as well as to get more experience in marketing, especially in marketing products and services. I don’t have much experience in this yet.

Focusing on my Projects

After that, there will be a time where I’ll stop being a consultant and just focus on my own projects, which at that point will hopefully generate enough cash flow to sustain my business and also lead to the development of a fund being built.

I want to have my own money to do angel investing. I’d like to invest in start ups, be their consultant in the first phase when they’re setting up the business and developing the products and services to launch, and the phase right after launch. I’d like to step out after that and come back from time to time. I’ll leave the consultancy work to someone else because I really like to start-up projects and develop ideas. I’m very happy for other people who take on the job of putting the ideas into action day by day. It’s just not where my specific abilities are.

My Ten-year Goal

That’s the blueprint I have laid down for myself, and I would like it to be a reality within 10 years. My ten-year goal would be to have an investment fund of 1 million USD in the bank, investing in start-ups. I’m really fund of microfinance, and although that might change, the way I see myself is someone looking for very innovative yet risky ideas and concepts. I’d like to help start-up companies succeed with these ideas and concepts and build a network of very innovative companies that can work together to reach desired greatness.

What do you think of my plan? Is it good? What do you think about the timeliness of this plan? Is it a good idea to work part-time as a consultant and the rest of my time on my own projects? Or, should I just focus working on my projects full time? I’m not sure what I’m going to do but I’ll be very interested in what you think about this and what you would suggest for me to do. Also, what are you planning? What is your blueprint for life? Is financial freedom one of your goals? Or, do you just want to have a job that you like? Tell me. I’m looking forward to a discussion of your financial goals.

Thanks for reading!

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