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What is Social Media?

Social Media is a very broad category that comprises different media, different techniques and different groups. What you basically say by saying social media is that there is a social component which governs interaction between human beings. It’s not two robots sending information to each other. Media is the plural of medium, which means “in the middle,” or “in between.”

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Social Media Prezi

A really short overview about Social Media

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What’s so new about the new media?

The Back Channel

What’s so new about the new media? Well first let’s define what we mean by new media. Usually old media means journals, TVs, radio, books. New media is usually internet related stuff, so that would be blogs, Facebook, linking, just generally all sorts of social media. The real difference between the old and the new media is that you have a back channel from the user to the producer. In fact, there isn’t any division anymore between a producer and a consumer.

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Thank you WordCamp, thank you Kilkenny, thank you Ireland!

I had a great time at the WordCamp in Kilkenny, Ireland. Actually it was my first time in Ireland ever. Thank you for making my stay so pleasant!