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Daan Weddepohl ( video interview Founder Institute (NL)


Daan Weddepohl ( in een video interview bij het Founder Institute

Nick Vujicic: “No arms, no legs, no worries!”

“When you keep on concentrating on the things you wish you had or you wish you didn’t have – you forget about what you DO have!”

“It’s a lie to think that you are not good enough – it’s a lie to think that you are not worth anything.”

Nick Vujicic




Dutch – German Cultural Differences: A Bottle of Water

My original post about the Dutch-German cultural differences has been read quite often and there has been more interaction around that topic than usual. That’s why I thought I made a little video telling you about one of the differences. It’s small – actually it’s tiny – very subtle – but it helps to explain the bigger picture very well.

Video about Dutch – German cultural differences

Start with the WHY

Just a few minutes ago I put up a video about how I motivate myself. My friend Nathaniel was the first to comment. A very simple – to the point comment – “I think you need to start with the WHY”.

Ge…he’s right. Totally right in fact. I feel kind of stupid – but hey – that’s life.

So I went to see how to start with WHY – and I found this TED talk. I often think that “this is the best TED Talk ever” – but this time this might be true. let me present to you Simon Sinek: “The Golden Circle”

It’s so inspiring…please watch it!