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Apple sponsoring Netrepreneurs Interviews

Dear Apple,
I run an Video-Interview-Blog at

As psychologist I am interested in what makes people successful. Therefore I have developed a format, in which entrepreneurs talk about their personal development and how that has contributed to making them successful in a business context. I believe that true success always starts from within – and that is why I have dedicated quite some time to making these interviews and releasing them for free.

Why I think Apple will be a great sponsor

Coaching Call with Leedo #0

I am extremely thankful to Leedo (CEO of Sugarhabits), who has just agreed to coach me towards my goal of 5.000€ passive income / month. Great guy, great energy – I feel really honoured!


Ross Dawson Interview

Ross Dawson is Entrepreneur, Futurist, Keynote speaker and Bestselling author. He is deeply involved into networks, social media, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and pretty much everything that has to do with crowds.

In this interview he talks about how crowds are going to transform the world we live in today and how he contributes to make that change happen.

Ross – thank you very much for that inspirational interview!




Ultra Mobile Video Editing – Interview with Netbook News Team

At the Videocamp 2012 in Düsseldorf I meet some videobloggers that are connected to Sascha Pallenberg. In this video the Netbook News Ultra-Mobile Video-Editing-Crew shares some secrets on how you can beat Engadget to the newest and hottest Tech-Video.

[wpvideo Wb4przrH w=520]