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Ross Dawson Interview

Ross Dawson is Entrepreneur, Futurist, Keynote speaker and Bestselling author. He is deeply involved into networks, social media, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and pretty much everything that has to do with crowds.

In this interview he talks about how crowds are going to transform the world we live in today and how he contributes to make that change happen.

Ross – thank you very much for that inspirational interview!




Finding new people

This article is an old post that I just rediscovered.

A while ago I heard about this ingenious program which is called Replace Me and the Program which basically about replacing myself. It’s all about outsourcing and how you can get to know people that can work for you and do a great job doing the stuff you did before. This is basically about replacing you.

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Dear Ex-Facebook Friend

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Dear Ex-Facebook friend.
If you cannot read this post you have just been unfriended.

Top 5 reasons are:

– You bring negativity into my life
– You don’t value the gift of life
– You behave disrespectful against others
– Your post spam
– You do not take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions

If any of the above describe your behaviour, but you can still read this post – you are next in line.

The Caveman Principle

Let me tell you about a concept I have when I try to analyze human group behavior as well as individual behavior.  I call it the Caveman Principle.

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