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[SOLUTION] Skype has stopped working Windows 7 64 bit #fail

Update: Try this to fix Skype
Dear Skype,

a while ago I wrote a blog post titled Skype not working on windows 7 64 bit. Since then 3 comments have stated the same problem – and I have still found no answer to the problem. In addition to that I would like to show you some related search terms from last month that complete the picture. I have removed the search terms that relate to Skype in a different sense (than: “It’s broken!”).

Please Skype. Fix Skype for Windows 7 64 bit!

Skype has stopped working Windows 7 64 bit #fail

Hindrances when Focusing on Work

Giving good advice to people and living your advice is not the same. Today was a good example of how not to work efficiently. My day started with some on the spot and focused email work. This lasted for about an hour, up until my Inbox was down to zero.

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Tools for online collaboration that I work with everyday

Tool 1: Gmail

Gmail is the best email client and email provider I know. The usability is unrivaled. In all the time that I have used it, I had only experience a quarter of an hour when Gmail was not reachable. It is very flexible; you can change it around so it fits your needs. For example, I use gmail with my own domain. I use a google apps mail account that works like gmail, and instead of having, I have Furthermore, this also allows me to supply email addresses and google apps accounts to all my employees.

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Skype not working on Windows 7 64bit


Go here to read about the solution for your Skype problem (read 2nd comment)

I am sick of it! And i love it! – No really I do!

I have a love-hate relationship with Skype.

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