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Coaching Call #1


In this video coaching call:

  • Defining the main goal
  • What does passive income mean for me?
  • The value of time
  • What ultimately makes me happy
  • Making the goals SMART
  • Understand the power of minimum goals

Ross Dawson Interview

Ross Dawson is Entrepreneur, Futurist, Keynote speaker and Bestselling author. He is deeply involved into networks, social media, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and pretty much everything that has to do with crowds.

In this interview he talks about how crowds are going to transform the world we live in today and how he contributes to make that change happen.

Ross – thank you very much for that inspirational interview!




Using Voice-Over-IP for your business

I am a tech geek, I guess, and I love gadgets. Actually, I love free stuff and everything which has something to do with the internet and communication. No wonder I got hooked on voice over IP because this brings all of this together.

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Software I have Bought

The following is just a random list of software I have bought in the last couple of years.

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