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How to Make Perfect Links

Links are so important because they give meaning to all the content on the Internet. The Internet is an enormous space of content. The content would be useless if we do not have a good way of structuring it and showing the relationship between different pieces of content. This is where links come in.

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SEO and SEM: Which is Better?

This is all about the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). When you search using a keyword on Google, there are two different things you can do once you’re on the search results page. One, you can click on an organic search result. Two, you can click on the paid search results.

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Giving a Workshop on Social Media

A lot of companies are asking me about social media since I started making websites and doing search engine optimization. Now, as it seems to be the case, everything is moving towards social media and so are my clients. Thus, I have been asked to give a workshop on social media by different agencies. Furthermore, it’s interesting because they all want to have something which is a combination of a workshop and a coaching project.

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No Double Negation is not hard to understand

There is one thing that you learn in the psychology 101 “making real surveys” (as supposed to what I call walk-by-washing-powder-survey): DO NOT USE DOUBLE NEGATION. EVER!

Why complicated language is bad for business