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Discovering what to contribute to this universe

Through my interactions with many people in my life, I feel I have come to understand that all the truth I’m looking for on the outside is already within me. I find that I’m often puzzled by the world.

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How to Choose What to Focus on

I believe that if we look at nature, we can grasp at strategies that are very successful and use these in our own life. For example, take the idea of evolution. Evolution means the strongest survives. If the strongest survives, what then is the strongest point or quality in your life? Of the strongest things in your life, what is the most positively motivating?

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Successful Ways of Getting Feedback

One of my previous posts talked about the difficulty of getting feedback from other people. Feedback is especially important for us humans. We often lose ourselves in our own frame of self reference and self evaluation without even realizing it. Feedback from other people can help by being multiple bases for reference. These different perspectives can help you in making decisions, and this of course is not solely based on your personal perspective.

Know how to get Feedback Successfully