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[Video] How to sell a product before building it

In this short video Leedo Daniel (CEO of Sugar Habits) explains how to sell your product, before you have even started to create it – and how you can be sure that it will be a successful sale. Take this idea and use it together with an automated slaes-funnel. Gotcha!


Basics of a Social Media Campaign

A Social media campaign is giving away something for free that is of value to someone else. With this, you buy someone’s attention with something you give away for free. Then you use that attention to initiate an interaction between the different members or people that are actually looking for what you are giving away. Since that group will be a specific group, they are looking for a specific answer or a specific product, and you are giving them a chance to connect. Chances are, they have something to tell to each other because they are looking for the same thing.

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What you’re selling is not what you’re selling

What are you selling?

Are you selling a product? Are you selling a service? What are you selling? Well, in fact, you might not be selling what you think you might be selling. Why is that? Well, let’s take you down to a very very basic function of human behavior, which is called approach and avoidance.

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