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Webbased software I will get in 2011

2010 was an awesome year for my business.

2011 will even go harder – I think. Investments in webbased software made in 2010 have often payed themselves within days.

I’ll go hard in 2011 and keep on investing in (cloud based) software to optimize my business process. If I am missing something – let me know! The future is in the cloud!

Read on to find out about my favorite software in 2010 and what I will buy in 2011

Use Prezi (=Flash) on the iPad

Update: Prezi now had a iPad App

The iPad got one problem: It can’t “do” flash.

Not anymore (okay it’s not perfect, but it works!!)…

Alright…just do the following:

  1. get an iPad (yeah!)
  2. install the teamviewer app (
  3. install the teamviewer programm on your computer (
  4. start the programm on your computer
  5. log in with your iPad
  6. Enjoy Prezi on your iPad

Okay…let’s be honest – no moving stuff, nothing fancy – BUT IT WORKS!

Business Plan Presentation

It’s done!

My presentation for tomorrow is finished!!

Watch the Expert Network Business Plan Presentation:

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