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Prezi Interview

This is the interview of  Andrew Davis , chief strategy officer and co-founder of Tippingpoint Labs, who creates and implements digital content strategies for consumer brands. He is a writer and an internationally acclaimed speaker. He shares his unique media insights in an informative, engaging, critical and entertaining way. His presentations are creatively crafted by the new tool he uses called Prezi.

Prezi Interview with Andrew Davis

How to give a good presentation

Most of the knowledge I have about presentations comes from my study of Psychology, and froma little eBook called “Beyond Bullet Points” by Cliff Atkinson. This book describes what I now look upon as the standard of a presentation. It defines a few simple rules, which are:

1. Use pictures instead of words

2. Don’t use bullet points

3. Use no more than six words per slide

Read the other tips for giving a good presentation

Prezi iPad App now in the iTunes AppStore

Prezi iPad App icon

Prezi iPad App icon

Groundbreaking presentation shoftware Prezi has just lauchend it’s Prezi iPad app. With this app users can take their Prezi presentations everywhere.

Yesterday I got an email from Zoltan Radnai (Zoli), which made me very very happy:

Hi Martin,

I couldn’t stand to reach out to you personally and share good news with you.

We have just released Prezi for the iPad! Your video is also linked in our blogpost, thanks for the great input!

Check out our blogpost for more:

Prezi is top news on TechCrunch again!:

Looking forward to your feedback!


Prezi iPad App now available

Prezi iPad app video

Update: Prezi now had a iPad App

I am a die-hard Prezi fan & iPad geek.

Actually I make a living teaching Prezi, but there is one thing that would make me very very happy: A Prezi iPad app!

How you can (maybe) get a iPad Prezi app