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New Pictures 06/2011

I had a photoshoot yesterday with the great photographer Mareen Meyer . Finally people will recognize me again on the street after meeting me online (-:

See Martin’s pictures

Tag People not s***!

Oh yes great!

Tag people everywhere. I don’t mind – come on – tag me!

And oh hahaha – it’s so funny to tag “stuff” with people’s name – until…

…until you need to verify your account. For example because you want to download your data from facebook – or because you have lost your password. Then you will get presented with pictures of something – and you need to identify the people behind it. Great if it’s actually a face – not so great if it’s just joke-tagging and you get denied access to your account.

Facebook really has to change this and run a face-detection test before presenting the pictures.

Youtube slow processing & mistakes

Something’s wrong with YouTube. I just uploaded a Video via Jing (MP4) and it takes hours to process. Actually MP4 from Jing normally converts within minutes and goes without any major problems. However this time it does not work.

This is particularly strange, as the YouTube backend (in my videos) does say that the video is already life. However when I try to watch it I get the hated “The video you have requested is not available.” This is even stranger, because it does show the right thumbnail, thus YouTube must have processed the video…GRRR!