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Coaching Call with Leedo Daniel #2



In this call we talk about refining the goal and the team. I have prepared some numbers about my financial goal and about the current situation. We also talk about people around me that are going to help me build the system I want. Very eye-opening discussion with the CEO of Sugar Habits.

SMART goal for passive income

In Coaching Call #1 Leedo told me that it would make sense to refine my goal. I sat down and looked at my Monthly spending, both personal and business-wise. Oups. That’s about 2x of what I was guessing I’ll need. Good I checked. My jaw kinda dropped, when I looked at the figures of my Passive Income in June 2012. Argh.

But let’s focus on the task at hand:
Setting a SMART Goal

Passive Income in June 2012

Here we go. This is the first time I actually look at my finances and count the amount I have made passively in the last month. Those are the numbers for June 2012:

  • 75€ from sales of my video tutorial about Prezi
  • 65€ from placing ads on websites
  • 35€ in affiliate sales

Total = 175€

Oups ); – But HEY! It’s a start!


Coaching Call #1


In this video coaching call:

  • Defining the main goal
  • What does passive income mean for me?
  • The value of time
  • What ultimately makes me happy
  • Making the goals SMART
  • Understand the power of minimum goals