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7-zip is a very very small program which you can use to zip files. It does not only do zip files, it also does tar files, rar files and pretty much all those different formats that you can use to compress files. Plus it also has an own format which is called 7z. That 7zip format is very, very powerful. It’s very efficient, has a high compression rate, and you see more and more programs using this to pack their setup routines or to make their installation files smaller.

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Free! Free! Free!

Before the Internet, everything had a price. This price is based on the resources needed to come up with what is being sold. The price of a book is the price you pay for the resources in order to print the book and the wages you pay the people who are involved in it. You also pay for the the printer, the author who came up with the original idea, etc.

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Social Media Prezi

A really short overview about Social Media

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