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How to network

Doing effective networking actually is pretty easy, and most of us do it all the time.  But there are a few rules, which are more like concepts to approach networking from a more effective perspective.

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The way I do business

There are a couple of things that I want to mention in the way I do business. For me, it comes down to three things: people, content and process. In my internet marketing business, I help people make their businesses better by using the internet. The way I do that is by building cool websites, building blogs, and making ads campaigns.

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Networking = Making Friends

Making friends plays a huge role in my business. I like to work with people that have great and interesting personalities. Knowing lot’s of people increases the chance to meet those people I really like to work with.

Starting without focus

When I started in the internet marketing business I didn’t really know where I was going, so I was just talking to lots of different people, see what they were doing, and telling them what I can do. And that was pretty complicated in the start because some days I told people that I made websites, and the next day I told them I did search engine optimization, and the next day I was talking about a different project of mine.

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The biggest multipliers in my network

I am into networking and I know quite a lot of people. However, not every relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and success. There are just some people that blink out and that have opened doors for me that I never thought would be possible. Here are my top four network nodes that opened the most number of possibilities to me at this point in time.

Henrik Hessel

I’ve known Henrik since school times. We’ve always been good friends and we have similar interests, even though our personalities are quite different. We work together as a team very efficiently, and it’s fun to work together with Henrik. Together we found the company, “Bit Dynamics” a few months ago, including Jan Peters and Ulf Stöhrer. The four of us formed a great team, and Henrik has played a major role in bringing us together. He kept us focused on what we want to achieve. I always thought that acquisition would be a problem, but that is not the case because we are four people, and each of us brings in new leads. It feels like the work is never ending. It just pours in, and we don’t have to do anything to have enough work. That’s pretty amazing, and I’m very thankful to Henrik for co-initiating Bit Dynamics.

Simone Levie and Matthijs Douwes from Social Medium

I met Simone Levie and Matthijs when we were all starting out our own businesses, and it’s been an unbelievable ride. Both companies have grown so much faster than we’d ever imagine, and that is due to a very, very fruitful collaboration. Our personal and business relationship is very special, and I’m happy to know them. Much of what I do today is attributed to them and vice versa. We owe each other who each on of us is individually.

Jules Martin

I got introduced to Jules through Simone. He is actually a second tier multiplier, but a very, very forceful one. Jules introduced me to the Durftevragen network, which is a group of Dutch Freelancers. Conducting the first WordPress workshop at the New Year’s meeting of networkers actually gave my business the boost it really needed. It has been awesome since then. I gained immediate expert status as a WordPress professional in those circles, and I am very happy that I have been able to deliver. I am very thankful for all the projects Jules has given to me, and I was able to support him in doing so.
Professor Jan Jonker

Professor Jan Jonker is a very new contact and so I am not sure yet what is going to happen. However, I do know that this is definitely another entry point to an enormously big international network. He is a very special person. He’s one of the leading figures in the topic of sustainable business development. He has written numerous books and more than a hundred articles in the topic. I’m very thankful that I could take part in his business development course, and that he has asked me to support him in various tasks related to his project.

Do you want to be my network multiplier force too? Join me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and tell all the people about what I’m doing. If you like, your network does as well. If you connect me to other people and I can be of service, they will remember who connected them. Everyone’s happy in the end. That’s what the new business is all about, isn’t it – making each other happy. So let’s do it!