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[Video] How to sell a product before building it

In this short video Leedo Daniel (CEO of Sugar Habits) explains how to sell your product, before you have even started to create it – and how you can be sure that it will be a successful sale. Take this idea and use it together with an automated slaes-funnel. Gotcha!


Coaching Call with Leedo Daniel #3


In this video coaching call (the almost final session):

  • What to track
  • Why I might be looking at the wrong metrics
  • Motivational waves and how to match your activity
  • Selling vs. creating

Coaching Call with Leedo Daniel #2



In this call we talk about refining the goal and the team. I have prepared some numbers about my financial goal and about the current situation. We also talk about people around me that are going to help me build the system I want. Very eye-opening discussion with the CEO of Sugar Habits.

Coaching Call #1


In this video coaching call:

  • Defining the main goal
  • What does passive income mean for me?
  • The value of time
  • What ultimately makes me happy
  • Making the goals SMART
  • Understand the power of minimum goals