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Beautiful Dhuni Designs

Ayya, our Sadhu friend, that lived 10 years in silence on Arunachala, built us a beautiful Dhuni. Silvie is taking care of it, using cow dung, to support the outer structure over day. Then she uses white sand to draw some beautiful designs. I thought I share some of my faviorites with you..

Hanging table for Jungle Rooftop

I wanted to have a flexible hanging table for the Jungle Rooftop, that could be adjusted to accomodate (Indian Style) eating (floor), chair sitting (european style) and upright standing and typing (Martin style).

So…guess what – I got Palani to help me build one (;

Watch the making of the Jungle Rooftop Hanging Tables

Apple sponsoring Netrepreneurs Interviews

Dear Apple,
I run an Video-Interview-Blog at

As psychologist I am interested in what makes people successful. Therefore I have developed a format, in which entrepreneurs talk about their personal development and how that has contributed to making them successful in a business context. I believe that true success always starts from within – and that is why I have dedicated quite some time to making these interviews and releasing them for free.

Why I think Apple will be a great sponsor