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The Martin Metzmacher Conspiracy

Due to my visability on the Internet for such critical issues as Prezi on the iPad or Fullscreen Flash with dual monitor setup – I often have to disguise myself in real life. I usually do not change my name. Why whould I?

I just mumble I bit more than I usually do. It works just fine.

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Adapting Social Media

In this article, we discuss why businesses in government agencies are slow to adapt to social media. In my last article, I discussed how social media is changing the way we think and talk about products and services. In this article, I ask why businesses and government agencies are slow to adapt to the social media age.
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What is Social Media?

Social Media is a very broad category that comprises different media, different techniques and different groups. What you basically say by saying social media is that there is a social component which governs interaction between human beings. It’s not two robots sending information to each other. Media is the plural of medium, which means “in the middle,” or “in between.”

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How to make the perfect SEO links

Links connect ideas

Why are links so important? Well, they are so important because they give meaning to all the content that is in the internet. The internet is an enormous space of content but it would be useless unless we have a good way of structuring the content and of showing what the relationship between the different pieces of content is. There’s where links come into play. So a link basically makes a connection from one piece of content to another piece of content. This relationship is of a semantic quality. What does that mean? That means that this relationship is defined by the words of the link and of the link title.

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