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How to Make Perfect Links

Links are so important because they give meaning to all the content on the Internet. The Internet is an enormous space of content. The content would be useless if we do not have a good way of structuring it and showing the relationship between different pieces of content. This is where links come in.

Know How to Make Perfect Links

Google Apps Password Usability Fail

Not sure what that’s saying about me, but I seem to develop an interest in FAILS. Last week I wrote about a very funny SEO & PR fail by the German company Strato. Today I was encountering a strange error on Google Apps- a company that actually does quite a lot of testing before releasing stuff.

Google Apps itself was not sure if the password should be 6 or 8 digits. The message on the page said one thing – the error message another thing. It’s not just usability that is suffering here – people do get hurt! (Okay that’s a bit over the top…)

Anyway – stuff like that is what makes testing so important. So DO IT! Now! Get someone to sit in front of the computer and let him surf your website and mumble to him/herself.

Google loves Martin Metzmacher


Woah…that’s creapy. Getting suggested your name when searching for your name in Google.

How to put of your customers: Email from DimDim about aquisition by

Often times it is not the start of an relationship that gives away the true nature of it, but the end of it. Most people will be nice if they want something from you. How they act and communicate when the relationship has become “worthless” to them is what really defines them.

Actually┬áI do not believe that a relationship can ever become “worthless”. But hey – I am a freak and I have a strange way of doing business, because I care more about people than about money. So I get f***** off doing business with companies that later turn out to be real jerks. I didn’t expect Dimdim to end this way – sadly they did. They lost all my trust and respect with just one mail. Just one little mail is what it takes to turn from underdog to jerk.

Read on to find out how they totally put me off and how my thank you note to dear customers will look like after being acquired by Google