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What You Get from a Good Paid Content

iPad has made it very obvious to people in the computer realm, that if you want to have great software or a very good content, you will need to pay for it. I believe that iPad and the other devices that have an integrated marketplace for application and content will change the perception of people who were used to getting everything for free.

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Google Apps Password Usability Fail

Not sure what that’s saying about me, but I seem to develop an interest in FAILS. Last week I wrote about a very funny SEO & PR fail by the German company Strato. Today I was encountering a strange error on Google Apps- a company that actually does quite a lot of testing before releasing stuff.

Google Apps itself was not sure if the password should be 6 or 8 digits. The message on the page said one thing – the error message another thing. It’s not just usability that is suffering here – people do get hurt! (Okay that’s a bit over the top…)

Anyway – stuff like that is what makes testing so important. So DO IT! Now! Get someone to sit in front of the computer and let him surf your website and mumble to him/herself.

Tools for online collaboration that I work with everyday

Tool 1: Gmail

Gmail is the best email client and email provider I know. The usability is unrivaled. In all the time that I have used it, I had only experience a quarter of an hour when Gmail was not reachable. It is very flexible; you can change it around so it fits your needs. For example, I use gmail with my own domain. I use a google apps mail account that works like gmail, and instead of having, I have Furthermore, this also allows me to supply email addresses and google apps accounts to all my employees.

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