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A Great Team and How to Build One

Building a great team has been one of my main focuses in outsourcing to the Philippines. Let me tell you what I think a great team is.

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Successful Ways of Getting Feedback

One of my previous posts talked about the difficulty of getting feedback from other people. Feedback is especially important for us humans. We often lose ourselves in our own frame of self reference and self evaluation without even realizing it. Feedback from other people can help by being multiple bases for reference. These different perspectives can help you in making decisions, and this of course is not solely based on your personal perspective.

Know how to get Feedback Successfully

People who have Inspired Me: Lara

There are a lot of people who have inspired me. Most of them probably have been forgotten. There are some people who have stayed on, or who stays fresh in mind, or I may think about every day. I want to share some of those thought with you and tell you about some of those people.

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