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Ultra Mobile Video Editing – Interview with Netbook News Team

At the Videocamp 2012 in Düsseldorf I meet some videobloggers that are connected to Sascha Pallenberg. In this video the Netbook News Ultra-Mobile Video-Editing-Crew shares some secrets on how you can beat Engadget to the newest and hottest Tech-Video.

[wpvideo Wb4przrH w=520]

Ebook Reader Review – website

I am very happy to announce the launching of my site This site is about ebook readers, and informs about different ebook reader models. The most popular ebook readers in the market right now are compared, reviewed and evaluated.

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I got too many Gadgets!

How do you know that you got too many gadgets? I guess if your floor starts to look like mine you should try to get professional help (-: