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Outsourcing in the Philippines

This article is an old post that I just rediscovered.

When other people hear that I work together with great experts in the Philippines, they often ask “How did you connect to those people?” The truth is that I followed a formal teaching program to learn this all the way through. I signed up for $99 per month and I did learn how to outsource to the Philippines. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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How My Business Developed

My business is developing a lot.  If you have followed me you would have seen me make a switch from focusing on blogging to content management, then to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and then on to social media just recently.  I have also been asked to help people develop sustainable business models for a digital environment. Those are the things that I am busy with.

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The Life I Have

At the moment I really have the best life I could imagine and I’m so happy about this. I have finished my studies and I am getting ready for life 2.0.

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