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Tag People not s***!

Oh yes great!

Tag people everywhere. I don’t mind – come on – tag me!

And oh hahaha – it’s so funny to tag “stuff” with people’s name – until…

…until you need to verify your account. For example because you want to download your data from facebook – or because you have lost your password. Then you will get presented with pictures of something – and you need to identify the people behind it. Great if it’s actually a face – not so great if it’s just joke-tagging and you get denied access to your account.

Facebook really has to change this and run a face-detection test before presenting the pictures.

Christmas 2.0

Thanks to Ralph for finding this video,

thanks to my mum for forwarding it.

My favourite viral x-mas video 2010:

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Adapting Social Media

In this article, we discuss why businesses in government agencies are slow to adapt to social media. In my last article, I discussed how social media is changing the way we think and talk about products and services. In this article, I ask why businesses and government agencies are slow to adapt to the social media age.
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When is a difference really a difference?

I often see businesses compare their data and then they come up with two means that might be, for example, the return of investment of an adverts campaign versus the return of investment of a Facebook advertisement campaign. The means might describe a year, so that would be the result of a whole year. What you need to take in mind when making a decision and using means is that there is a random factor, at least if you agree with the underlying propositions of the general linear model. The truth is that the statistics we use today might not really be suited to do what we want do.

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