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Dear Ex-Facebook Friend

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Dear Ex-Facebook friend.
If you cannot read this post you have just been unfriended.

Top 5 reasons are:

– You bring negativity into my life
– You don’t value the gift of life
– You behave disrespectful against others
– Your post spam
– You do not take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions

If any of the above describe your behaviour, but you can still read this post – you are next in line.

Facebook: A Tool for Business Communication

So far, the approach to Facebook has been mainly from a marketing perspective. Most of the things I read about businesses on this popular social network are that businesses may have their own site on Facebook. In fact, this is how it’s known to most users as well; they build fans on this social network and use it to communicate with customers. It may be a communication between the business to the consumer, and sometimes its business to business.

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Communicating Via the Internet

Communicating on the Internet used to be very artificial.  First, you can only send text messages. There is hardly no emotional component in text messages, aside from the smiley. In fact, the invention of the Smiley shows us it is hard for humans to talk in text format.  The emotional parts are the important parts, and they cannot be revealed by written language, though only to a certain extent which is seemingly not enough.

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2011 Egyptian Revolution: Facebook & Media as part of the protests

Last week at AFS Germany national training weekend Sherifa Fayez, the head of AFS Egypt, gave a speech that will be remembered by everyone in the room. It was full of passion and honest emotions. While Sherifa brought Tahir Square to this room in Germany our eyes filled with tears and our hearts were touched in a very special way.

Sometimes – to me politics is what happens at the 8 o’clock news. I tend to forget that democracy means the “rule of the people” – and that it is major struggle to reclaim that power one in a while.

You have deeply inspired me – Thank you Sherifa!