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Ross Dawson Interview

Ross Dawson is Entrepreneur, Futurist, Keynote speaker and Bestselling author. He is deeply involved into networks, social media, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and pretty much everything that has to do with crowds.

In this interview he talks about how crowds are going to transform the world we live in today and how he contributes to make that change happen.

Ross – thank you very much for that inspirational interview!




Where good Ideas come from

In the past month I have been very active in networking, but I have  also been thinking a lot about crowdsourcing and how we can use those pretty new tools, that the social technology of web2.0 has given us, in order to develop new ideas and improve existing ones.

There is no conclusion – yet – maybe never.

But there is inspiration!

Feel inspired to read on!

Social Media Prezi

A really short overview about Social Media

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Generating Solutions to Global Warming

Our Planet needs Environmental Awareness

Our planet is the only one known to support life. It is protected by a thin layer of atmosphere that keeps the balance between air, water and temperature. As such, our planet is a treasure in the universe that needs to be protected. However, the human civilization has done a lot of things to break down this balance that sustains life. One of these things is our addiction for oil from fossil fuels. These resources kept our civilization running. Technology and knowledge increased exponentially. One would think that increase in knowledge also means increase in environmental awareness and preservation. But the opposite happened.

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