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How to Be a Good Boss

Being the boss isn’t easy. If you’re an entrepreneur and you have people working for you, there’s more to them being your resources. They’re more than people who can take the workload off your back. The way I see it, as a boss, you have a duty to the people working for you by giving them the best working experience you can give them.

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Tools for online collaboration that I work with everyday

Tool 1: Gmail

Gmail is the best email client and email provider I know. The usability is unrivaled. In all the time that I have used it, I had only experience a quarter of an hour when Gmail was not reachable. It is very flexible; you can change it around so it fits your needs. For example, I use gmail with my own domain. I use a google apps mail account that works like gmail, and instead of having, I have Furthermore, this also allows me to supply email addresses and google apps accounts to all my employees.

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What is Your Goal when Communicating?

Whenever you are communicating, it’s important to know the goal of your communication. Everything you say has different layers, whether it be in a meeting, on the phone, on a blog post, when you’re writing a Tweet, etc. One of those layers is the goal layer, and mostly it’s a social goal, since communication is a social tool.

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Skype not working on Windows 7 64bit


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I am sick of it! And i love it! – No really I do!

I have a love-hate relationship with Skype.

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