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Goals for communication

Communication skills are important so that people can effectively express what they feel, interrelate with other people, share thoughts, and learn. Ultimately, the goal of communication is for people to understand each other.

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Communicating Via the Internet

Communicating on the Internet used to be very artificial.  First, you can only send text messages. There is hardly no emotional component in text messages, aside from the smiley. In fact, the invention of the Smiley shows us it is hard for humans to talk in text format.  The emotional parts are the important parts, and they cannot be revealed by written language, though only to a certain extent which is seemingly not enough.

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How to Communicate Your Price and Deal with Discounts

You need to be aware that there are basically 2 strategies to sell. One strategy is to be the least expensive offer of the service, and the other thing is to be an expensive offer of the service. What is the effect of charging a low amount or a high amount of money? Well, people are looking for indirect clues everywhere, and the price of a service is a clue to them. People will expect that you are better if you cost a lot of money.

Why you should charge a high hourly rate for your services

How I am going to make the world a great place

Make the world a great places < help people make better decisions < break up static systems and turn them into dynamic ones < build smart feedback loops < connect the world < connect people to each other < teach people how to use digital communication effectively