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What’s so new about the new media?

The Back Channel

What’s so new about the new media? Well first let’s define what we mean by new media. Usually old media means journals, TVs, radio, books. New media is usually internet related stuff, so that would be blogs, Facebook, linking, just generally all sorts of social media. The real difference between the old and the new media is that you have a back channel from the user to the producer. In fact, there isn’t any division anymore between a producer and a consumer.

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Tim O’Reilly on Quality of Startups

You are the best if you do what is in line with your deep inner core values and interest!

Be passionate!

Be authentic!

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Business Update January 2010

Wow…I can only say “Wow!”.

I just signed a deal to build a  website for someone important at university. How cool is that. Considered everyone hates the unversitie’s CMS, building a nice and usable website will be the best word of mouth advertisement for me – ever.

So yeah…I am pretty excited about that. Hang on…More to come!

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Business Course Intake

I just had the Intake with a professor from the economics department about following a course where successful business people tell about their trajectory on how they did become successful. Furthermore the course will be about how you can stimulate sustainable grow. I might not be the right candidate to follow this course, because my expertise is a little bit different that the core sustainable topic, but okay…

I got very flattered when the professor told me that my business concept (not telling you about it yet…) was really good and he thinks that I am an enormously intelligent person…oh yes baby! That’s me…push my ego one more time!

Really like people telling me stuff like that. So feel free to leave comment – haha.

And for those who don’t know me and this is the first piece you read about me – I’m not really like that – well just a little bit (-: