Successful Ways of Getting Feedback

One of my previous posts talked about the difficulty of getting feedback from other people. Feedback is especially important for us humans. We often lose ourselves in our own frame of self reference and self evaluation without even realizing it. Feedback from other people can help by being multiple bases for reference. These different perspectives can help you in making decisions, and this of course is not solely based on your personal perspective.

Different Levels of Feedback

It is in this sense in which I find the importance of feedback from other people. The kind of feedback you would want is entirely up to you. You can ask feedback on different levels. Probably, the easiest way to ask for it is on the level of behavior. The idea here is that behavior is something you can control to a certain extent. You can base it on the feedback you will receive and change something about your behavior. It’s much harder to make changes in one’s personality.

How People Should Give you Feedback

I had realized I am reactive to feedback, quite childish and defensive. I usually find ways of having people give me feedback, ways in which I can easily accept their feedback and work on it without being reactive or defensive.Thus, I start off with discussing how the feedback is given. Just ask people what they think about your behavior. You need to be specific about what you’re asking as well. Feedback would be good especially if it is given in the “I” perspective, and in three parts: behavior, cognition and emotion. It would be good to teach this to people if you want a significant feedback.

You can also ask for feedback in a funneled way. This means you will be asking with open ended questions. Asking with close ended questions that are answerable by a simple yes or no is not the ideal way to go. “Do you think I did my presentation well?” would not get as good a feedback compared to “What did you observe during my presentation?” or “What do you think of my presentation in general? You can peel of different layers with specific open-ended questions.

Getting the Same Feedback from Different People

The next item is to know what to do with the feedback that was received. A feedback carry much weight if it’s just from one individual. It is good to get feedback from different people; this way you have a wider scope of feedback through which you can sort or filter for common entries.

If you want to increase your chances of getting good feedback, you may want to try these ways.

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