Software I have Bought

The following is just a random list of software I have bought in the last couple of years.


The first is Artisteer. Artisteer is a great software which makes creating WordPress themes very easy. The themes don’t look unique thought; they look like they have been made with Artisteer. However, it is still great if you just need a very quick page with the custom header or some colors. In fact, I even made a signage run my personal blog, and i liked it.

Thesis theme for WordPress

Another thing i bought for WordPress is the developer licensed for the Thesis theme. The Thesis theme is great because it is an optimized search engine. It is very functional and customizable. It is also very good as a stable base for your own unique designs; you don’t have to worry about where to place newly created designs.

Skype Calls

Third is Skype. One doesn’t actually buy Skype because it’s free, but I bought money to make calls. So it’s more on purchasing the service since it doesn’t count as software.

Fourth is This is a service which enables you to send faxes all over the world. You can do this by simply attaching a pdf to an email message. When you send the email to a fax number via, you will pay for the cost of transmission at a minimal fee. It’s a great way to fax things to people. It’s just a very handy tool.

I also bought Marcus Samurai, SEOrush, the pro subscription for Jing, and X-mind. That’s pretty much it.

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