Prezi iPad App now in the iTunes AppStore

Prezi iPad App icon

Prezi iPad App icon

Groundbreaking presentation shoftware Prezi has just lauchend it’s Prezi iPad app. With this app users can take their Prezi presentations everywhere.

Yesterday I got an email from Zoltan Radnai (Zoli), which made me very very happy:

Hi Martin,

I couldn’t stand to reach out to you personally and share good news with you.

We have just released Prezi for the iPad! Your video is also linked in our blogpost, thanks for the great input!

Check out our blogpost for more:

Prezi is top news on TechCrunch again!:

Looking forward to your feedback!


Login to the Prezi App

Login to the Prezi App

Lots of users had asked for a iPad App for Prezi (I did als well in the Prezi iPad App Video) in order to be able to access their prezis while underway. People who have worked with the new macbook multitouch trackpad will also now that Prezi and multitouch is a combination that gives you the prezi experience how it’s meant to be – this will be even more awesome on the iPad.

Show your Prezi on the iPad

Show your Prezi on the iPad

The Application for the iPad is Free, however until now it can only show Prezis on the iPad, you cannot actually create Prezis on the iPad. It also requires your iPad to run iOS 4.2 or later. For some undisclosed reason I am still running 3.2 – so I will need to update in order to use the app *can’t wait*.

Version 1.0.1 of the Prezi App also features:

  • Support for custom themes and styles
  • User Interface and control enhancements in Prezi player
  • Session handling fix at Login screen

I hope that this is a sign that the iPad App will take a shift development.

Prezi multitouch gestures

Prezi multitouch gestures

Prezi iPad App customer ratings

Prezi iPad App ratings

Customer Reviews so far have been mixed. The star ratings are very good (above 4), however the written feedback is not very positive.

John-Mark Ikeda rated the application with just one star:

It just crashes please fix
Crashes and display issues…

Also ksmith80209 gave a low rating (two stars) and remarked:

First off – I love Prezi. It’s a great tool for presentations that stand out from the crowd. This app, however, has a few issues. First, many, many crashes. I tried to load one of my Prezis and had to make 5 attempts before it finally loaded/converted the entire thing. Once loaded, problem #2 crops up. The Prezi simply didn’t look or behave like the web or desktop versions. Objects were in slightly different locations and the paths between frames were very oddly rendered. If you could fix them from the iPad, this might be acceptable, but the iPad version is read-only. I know this is an early version so I have high hopes that it will improve, but for now it would be tough for me to use for important presentations.

And @rolfhillestad (5 stars) said:

I could download and open a presentation, 5-12 slides and then it crashes, didn’t even bother to test if it displays on an external monitor. Current version useless.

Prezi loading on the iPad

Prezi loading on the iPad

I believe that the Prezi team will work hard to come up with a stable version of the Prezi Ipad App soon. Until then I am just grateful that they have taken this step. THANK YOU!

If you want to help to make the Prezi App better give your feedback in the uservoice forum. There your voice will be heard due to the great community support that Prezi delivers! (Which is a quite pleasant experience…)

Get Prezi Ipad App in the iTunes AppStore

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