People who inspire me: Daan Weddepohl

This is about a person called Daan Weddepohl. We first got to know each other when I was applying for a room in a student house in the center of Nijmegen. Daan was happy living there for about two years. I actually got the room, and we were roommates for quite some time; around one and a half years or two years. We got to know each other pretty well during that time, and we started out as just having a fun roommates relationship. We were just joking around, drinking beer and having a good time. That went on for quite some time; we did that for quite a few months before I discovered that Daan was an amazing person to talk to.

Having very different relationships with people

What inspires me most about Daan is that he has this ability to make very different relationships with people. He’s enormously flexible in that, and that means we can have just a good laugh and we can also have a very deep discussion about alcohol values, problems, annoyances, what’s holding us back or what we don’t like about ourselves. He’s very flexible in having different kinds of talks with the same person. He’s also able to have different kinds of quality relationships with everyone. In contrast, I’m often trying to jump right into a specific relationship which is often somewhat deeper and self-revealing as some people might feel comfortable with.

Witnessing Daan’s emotional growth

Daan is very good at matching the level of relationship to what the other person is looking for, but he’s also good at taking the other person with him to a deeper emotional level. I have seen Daan evolve emotionally. I saw him evolve from someone who was prone to burn-out, working all day, always having fun when not working, to someone who is very self-reflective, a very self-centered person that really knows what his priorities are and really knows what he wants to achieve in life. I’ve seen his focus change from the external world to the internal world. That is a move I want to make, and sometimes finding it quite hard, and I admire Daan for that. Furthermore, he’s come to peace with his own self and he has grown so much. I admire Daan’s emotional growth and I hope that I can follow suit.

Thank you Daan!

Even though I have studied for five years about how people’s mind and emotions work, I think Daan, with his very specific insights about past reality integration, gets to a much deeper understanding of why we do stuff. I’m really grateful for his expertise about human beings in general and me specifically, and I’m also very thankful for his kindness and friendship. I hope that we’ll walk that way together and keep on walking even though I might not be around that much in a few months. I hope we’ll keep connected and we’ll give some impulses for each other to grow. Thank you Daan!

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