People who have Inspired Me: Lara

There are a lot of people who have inspired me. Most of them probably have been forgotten. There are some people who have stayed on, or who stays fresh in mind, or I may think about every day. I want to share some of those thought with you and tell you about some of those people.

Lara, My Girlfriend

One of the people who inspire me is Lara, who is my girlfriend. I always have to be careful about what I say about Lara on the Internet because she is keen about privacy. I keep it impersonal as I can. When I got meet and know Lara, she was a very fine girl. I fell in love with her right away because she manages to have some fun even when she is seriously taking life. She is a very caring person, not just towards me, but to every living being.

A Strong Person

She has inspired me. She has become an incredibly powerful woman. When I met her, she was sometimes a little bit insecure. Now, she’s a really strong person who is full of life. She’s an artist and she’s inspiring other people with her art.

She’s also very serious about giving therapy. With her seriousness and her authentic style, she has inspired a lot of her fellow students. Not only that, she has also set the tone for other senior therapists who might have become a little sloppy, or might have approached things routinely now after a few years of practice. She has woken up a few people by asking questions, or by not agreeing with how things are done. If I look at her approach of doing therapy and coaching, I think she will go a long way in her life. She will definitely influence the way how therapy is being practiced.

A Great Coach

Last but not the least; she inspires me every day because she’s a great coach. She has coached me on numerous occasions, for her own benefit, too; most especially for my benefit as well. If it weren’t for Lara, I wouldn’t be at this point in my life, especially in the emotional development I had gone through in the last two and a half years. It all wouldn’t have been possible without Lara, who constantly gives feedback for my thoughts and behavior; asking me the right questions to get me to a deeper level.

I am really thankful to her for all she has done for me.

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