Networking = Making Friends

Making friends plays a huge role in my business. I like to work with people that have great and interesting personalities. Knowing lot’s of people increases the chance to meet those people I really like to work with.

Starting without focus

When I started in the internet marketing business I didn’t really know where I was going, so I was just talking to lots of different people, see what they were doing, and telling them what I can do. And that was pretty complicated in the start because some days I told people that I made websites, and the next day I told them I did search engine optimization, and the next day I was talking about a different project of mine.

Planting a seed of friendship

Nothing happened for quite some time. And then of all of a sudden, my network just became active. Lots of people in my network want to have a website or want to have SEO done with the website. More and more people also want social media projects done. That’s pretty awesome and I wonder why that is all of a sudden. It seems that it just took time from planting the seed to picking the fruit. I just talk to a lot of people basically. That way I do not have to make cold calls, because I generate most of my contracts from my network they are “warm calls”. Most of the projects find me, instead of me finding the project.

Friends stay

It works: Just get to know people, make friends, and you’ll see what comes after that. You don’t have to make strategic alliances – you can make friends. And friends are probably even better because those people will stay in your network if you change your job or interests. They have contact with you because they like you and not because they are specifically interested in what you have to offer in a professional way. To me that’s the beauty of the digital age: You can work on what really interests you with the people that you like.

So let’s go out and make friends (-:

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