Monthly spending

Wow..that was a revelation.

I do not think that I even counted everything, but I sat down and looked through my bills – in order to find out what I am spending on a monthly base. This is a pretty rough estimation and my guess is that the numbers are even somewhat higher than what I did write down. However it’s a good start. I am going to make that list better and get a more accurate estimation

  • Business spending / month: 1350€
  • Personal spending / month: 2500€
This means that I actually start to make money only after I have made 1350€ / month, because of expenses and that I need about 4000€ / month to just keep everything running and not building any capital. Good to know, but also kind of bad to see, given my evaluation of passive income was just 175€ in june. That is not even 5%. Maybe that would be a good rate to measure: Percentage of monthly spending in passive income.


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