Mails that matter (with Leedo)

Sometimes you have conversations that move you forward – personally and spiritually. This one did. Thanks Leedo!

Leedo to Martin, July 16th

Hi Martin,

How are you?

I was dissappointed when I did not get any input from you before 20:00 tonight. I was hoping to review it tonight and send you my feedback via email so when we discussed it tomorrow it could finalize it. Let’s not discuss this document tomorrow again to be efficient.

To be honest my feelings are telling me that maybe this time in your life is not the best to be fully committed to a project like this. I will have to ask several people at some point to give up their current source of income and take the risk to work for a minimal salary at a company that is very likely to fail statistics wise. This will put allot of pressure on everyone invloved. We should only do this as a team when we believe we can trust each other to deliver on time (since speed is our friend) and be committed to the fullest. It’s very important for me to know what stage you are now in in your life and if you are more likely to help in a more comfortable “advisory role” versus the fulltime “hands on approach” which will extremely gruesome and time consuming no doubt.

I think there is an optimal role for everyone around us: from spectator, fan, competitor, advisor, investor or co founder. As soon as we know what our roles really are and are honest about this to each other, it helps everyone else to find their place and take up their role. This leads to success. Everything else (someone choosing a role they are not ready for right now) will hurt the company and all the people in it very badly. Are you honestly in a position to be 100% fulltime involved with Sugar Habits right now?

Hope to hear from you soon.



ps: You don’t have to make this document sophisticated in any way. Plain simple terminology always work best. I’m pretty confident you can create this.

Martin to Leedo, July 16th

Hi Leedo,

Thank you for your email and your open words.

Your feeling in not too far off. I have one goal that is huge, since I started on the path of not taking on a “normal” job after my studies. I will (so I swore to myself) have a passive income of 5000€ / month once I reach the age of 30.

Now that is not super near – but I feel this is actually quite possible, with what I am doing right now – just to give you a small overview how:

– is going to be relaunched very soon with a new design, featuring sponsor slots and company profiles. Those companies have a lot of money – some have already indicated they will be sponsoring the blog
– BT ebook – my best guy, who also wrote all the blog posts on that blog is nearly finished with creating an ebook about behavioral targeting. This will be sold, but will also have ads in it.

in short term the combines income from those two sources I guess will be around 2000€ / month

2 month back I made 400€ / month selling a crappy version of the Prezi Video Tutorial. I am going to make that tutorial much better than it was before and also create an english Version. I believe that this will take about 1 week and will be able to make me around

1000€ / month (and rising, as more people discover Prezi)

– the Video Traffic System is not a 100% passive income thing, but I have outsourced almost everything know. It’s just not working 100% smoothly, but that is only a matter of time. I have already had 5 paying customers – so I know it works.

I am not sure on how much this will bring in. I guess 3000€ / month

I have just created (in 3 days) a new product which shows people how to record Skype video calls ( This is the tech I use for I sell that for 27€. I have about 5 other small products (in form of videotutorials) planned, and I believe each will bring in around 400€ / month, totaling 2000€.

Adding that all up I am pretty close of where I want to be (5000€/ month). Expenses are rising as well, but most of my staff is in the Philippines, which is not as expensive as in Europe. Because stuff usually take 2-3 times as long as I think I guess I’ll reach that point in about 6 month. And now comes the important questions: What am I gonna do then?

The answer is that I am not going to waste my life sitting on some beach. I feel that my destiny is to move things forward, to build something that will change the course of mankind. Not just to show people how to record videos, or create a presentation, but to live up to their full potential.

How do you change the world? You start with the smallest possible piece and go from there. I believe that smallest piece is the behavior of every individual human. The most efficient way to influence that behavior is by creating a habit. Thus if I want to change the world I need to build a tool that can create habits. The wonderful thing about this is that I do not need to create that tool. It is already there. It’s Sugar Habits. So after I have reached my goal of creating that passive income I would go and do something like Sugar Habits.

Here is the thing: I am not there yet. Last company I founded – I thought was bound to take off (Themekraft), but that did not happen. I lost those 6 month I now desperately need in order to gain financial freedom, so I can start a family. There is only a small time frame of about 2 years, after that it will be too risky for Bharati to have children. I plan to stay with here the rest of my life. And I want to raise kids.

So here I am – torn between two things I desperately want: family life and making a huge impact on mankind. I am working my ass off every day to get quicker where I want to be in terms of financial freedom, in oder to pursue my commitment to SH, without having to sacrifice my other dream.

This is probably why I am not delivering on stuff as you are expecting me too. Just so you know SH is on my mind at all times.

I have left the part open in the CMO description of when I am going to commit how much. I need to sleep on that and I would be happy if you could point out realistic alternative scenarios to the CMO role to me again. But deep in my hart I feel that I have never met a person so strongly committed as you are. I think I am pretty good at what I am doing, but you are building a dream team. I long for being part of a group of people that has great visions AND can make them a reality. This is going to be that team.

I wrote you all of that in the hope that you understand why

a) my commitment until today has been medium
b) my current situation

I hope that you have some idea about how we can solve this.

From the first moment on you pitched SH to to me I was feeling that this is what I came there that evening. BUT – I am also aware that SH requires 100% dedication and if I feel that I cannot commit in such a way I will take on another role.

Keen to hear your thought on that.

Leedo to Martin, July 18th

Hi Martin, thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

I think I can support you in the long run in reaching these (financial) goals if that is what you really want most. Why?
1) Because I had similar passive income goals in the past and reached them
2) I know many close people who have/had them and did not reach them
3) I have studied the correlation on cashflow, earnings and net worth (wealth) which you might find interesting. Being able to transition between the quadrants of self employed, employee, business owner and investor (the 4 ways to earn capital) is my strongest skillset.

Regarding the other things you mentioned. The answer is simple. You even heard this before:
“When you make a decision in life to achieve something, make a list of all the things you might have to give up to achieve it. Then agree to give these things up”.

It will be painfull at first, but once you make the decision, the journey gets painless from that very moment on. Once youdo NOT choose however, you feel pain and frustration every day of your life for the rest of your life.

When I made a decision to build SH, I also had to make a list with things I would have to give up:
– Having a kid was the first thing. Nathalia is 34. This was a really hard decision. I hope we can get a kid still in the next 2 years, but I will only do this when I have a certain net worth. If I fail to get this net worth. NO kid. End of story. SH first. Decision made. Life is easy again. Seriously.
– No money for vacations until I have 1k users on the app. Every free cent goes to this project.
– Have a steady income instead of passive income. Very painfull choice to make. Made the decision once, it was painfull, now it’s painless and the benefis are great.
– Leave my friends out. 100% of my original “friend circle” are committed to more than 10 things. It WAS very painful in the beginning when I knew I would never work with them on this. But once the decision was made…Life was easy again and our friendship just got better.
– And so on…

Life was never better, progress was never quicker once I set priorities. In your case: Family, finances and life’s mission seem to be all fighting for a top spot. Ask youself. “If I could do without one of these three. which will it be?” Then ask yourself this question again. Then you will have 1 thing left. Whatever is left is your priority. Make a list with all the things you are willing to give up and include these two items on that list. You’ll cry like a baby for a few day, then you’ll sleep like a baby until you get each of your goals one by one.

After you set priorities Martin, we will have a much more meaningful relationship from that day on. You will not only get that nr 1 thing, but also many of the other things on that list! Because you finally ready to give up everything to get what is most important.

If you are indecicive and “want it all”, you get nothing.
Life is about choices. To choose it to act. To act is to live.


Martin to Leedo, July 18th

Hi Leedo,

thank you for your long email.

Let me take some time to think it through, however my first feeling is this:


– family
– passive income
– changing the world (by building a tool such as SH)

In the Email to Judith I think I find myself in that description:
People who can connect the team with the right people, tools or information early on (this counts for 20 %)

I will sleep on this again, but my initial reaction to you forcing me to chose is that I will step back from a 100% involvement in SH and take an active sideline position.

Greetings Martin

Leedo to Martin, July 18th

Ok Martin,

If this stands as definite in your final reply (whenever you let me know), then I will focus my energies on being able to support you to the very best of my abilities in achieving this passive income. I have no doubt what so ever that you can get this done in a relatively short amount of time. I am even more confident of you achieving this passive income without SH intensely coming in the way right now to consume more time. So let’s get this first goal done first.

From a mental, spiritual and practical point of view I am honestly willing to support you (if you like) in getting this goal. We can even set some milestones so that every 6 (or 12) months we can assess the status. Then once the passive income is accomplished and you have the desired result of 5k per month, we will focus on SH together and continue to build this great company.

In the near future we will discuss a more passive role that can add great value to getting SH to the next level. This is win-win for you. You will get to go after the most important thing in your life first and when that is achieved, you will still be able to build on your contribution to the world via SH or a similar app. These are all good goals. Actually the only thing we will change is the order in which we go after them.

Right now contribution is more important to me than having any form of financial freedom. In the future, after you achieve financial success your focus will then turn to contribution as well and then we can work together aligned 100% in our motives and ambitions. It’s just a matter of time before we can focus on the same thing (contribution/giving/saving the world) together.

Let me know if this makes sense. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.



Martin to Leedo, July 18th


this feels 100% right to me.
No need to sleep on this.

This is the way we are going to do this.

Really appreciate your support my helping me achieve those goals asap.

Leedo to Martin, July 18th


I’ll share this new development with the rest of the team next week.
Speak to you tomorrow!


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  • Wow, very nice conversation. Especially: “When you make a decision in life to achieve something, make a list of all the things you might have to give up to achieve it. Then agree to give these things up”. What an eye opener!

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