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A while ago I bought a Jing Pro account for 15$ per year. What a great software! The only problem was that the screencast site, where it was hosted was still showing ads (for Jing Pro). So I wrote a nice ticket, asking how I could get ride of it and I got an unsatisfying answer saying:

This is a Screencast.com view page, which as long as you have the free SC.com account, it will still show the Jing branded header, and Screencast.com/TechSmith footer branding. With Jing Pro, we remove the branding from the actual video but not the page it’s displayed on.

Well I didn’t agree with that, because it said “ad free” for the pro version and I found that misleading:

So then my pro version is working fine, but I find this VERY misleading. Because the ad is not about screencast, but about Jing and I expected all Jing ads to go away, once I updated to the Pro version.

This could be considered fraud in terms of law in my country. It’s definitely not very nice. You should have users explicitly inform about this, as
uploading to screencast is considered the “standard” use for Jing in the community.

Okay that might have been a bit harsh in retrospective, however the next mail I received didn’t come from the support anymore, but from the product manager. This made much more sense to me:

Hello Martin,
First I want to apologize for the confusion surrounding your upgrade to Jing Pro. We recognize that the inherent link between content captured by Jing Pro and the way in which people share that content via Screencast.com is leading some to believe that their Screencast.com account should be free of TechSmith branding. The problem we have is that the Screencast.com Pro account, which allows you to create custom view-page templates, also comes with a 25GB storage limit, and 200GB/month of bandwidth…which if we offered for the price of a Jing Pro upgrade ($14.95/year), we’d go out of business rather rapidly.

I’ve instructed our development team to look into ways that we can effectively remove the TSC branding from the view page that displays content that is created with Jing Pro, but uploaded to a Free Screencast.com account. This is a technical issue I’m sure we can overcome, but you are correct in that we need to be more transparent with purchasers of Jing Pro and better inform them of what their upgrade means exactly. I’m working with our marketing teams to better manage customer expectations in that regard.

I’ve given authorization to have your Screencast.com account upgraded to the Pro version for one month. We have lots of online tutorials and articles that will help you create a custom view-page template for your Jing Pro content (and any other content you wish to have Screencast.com host), but if you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you again for your business. In the future I hope we can better meet your needs and expectations.

Dirk Frazier
Product Manager
Screencast.com & Jing

So did they do it? Yes they did! So that is my last email to them about his:

Dear Dirk,

thank you again for the one month subscription to the screencast pro account. This period just ended and I have seen with delight that there have been changes in the way the jing recorded video is shown on the site (without any ads now).

Although I will miss the pro account (what a good idea to give me a trial!) I am happy with the way things are now. This is a prime example of a company that listen to their customers – well done!

Thank you for your excellent customer service,

with kind regards

Martin Metzmacher

What a great service!

Go and buy Jing Pro!

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