How to put of your customers: Email from DimDim about aquisition by

Often times it is not the start of an relationship that gives away the true nature of it, but the end of it. Most people will be nice if they want something from you. How they act and communicate when the relationship has become “worthless” to them is what really defines them.

Actually I do not believe that a relationship can ever become “worthless”. But hey – I am a freak and I have a strange way of doing business, because I care more about people than about money. So I get f***** off doing business with companies that later turn out to be real jerks. I didn’t expect Dimdim to end this way – sadly they did. They lost all my trust and respect with just one mail. Just one little mail is what it takes to turn from underdog to jerk.

This morning I received this short email from DimDim about them being aquired by

Dear Customer:

Dimdim has been acquired by Your free Dimdim account will remain active until March 15, 2011. After that date, you will no longer be able to access your free Dimdim account.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional information.

We appreciate your understanding, and we thank you!

The Dimdim Team

Pursuant to the Dimdim Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) governing the use of Dimdim Inc.’s (“Dimdim”) Site and Services (as defined under the Agreement) by you (“You”), Dimdim is hereby exercising its right to terminate Your Dimdim Account and the Agreement in its entirety. Dimdim will continue to provide Services to you until March 15, 2011. Following March 15, 2011, neither You nor Dimdim shall have any further rights or obligations of any kind under the Agreement, including the right to access the Site, or receive or use any Services. Dimdim thanks you for your business, and wishes you success in the future.

Let me first say that I believe in paying for good service and that I think that DimDim has quite a lot of potential (remark that I call it potential – it’s actually NOT yet good enough to compete with webex and adobe connect pro).

What puts me of is the way they communicate with me. It sounds like they are breaking up with me. “Dimdim is hereby exercising its right to terminate Your Dimdim Account” I wonder who has written this email. Of course I might have agreed to that in the TOS at one time – but I am certainly not aware of this at this point in time (well now I am – painfully aware actually).

And this “We appreciate your understanding, and we thank you!” – this sounds so…like a child that is forced by the parents to say “sorry”, but doesn’t mean it.

Here is what I will write after my first company gets sucked up by a giant:

Dear Martin (replace with your name),

it’s been a wild ride those past few month. We have worked hard to deliver you the best experience with our products and from the various emails we have received we know that you like our product very much. We are not perfect – and so we thank you for all the important imrpovements you have suggested over time that has made the expert network (or whatever project of mine will get bought) into a great success.

We would also like to thank you for the trust that you have given us. Being a startup can be hard. We have fought well agains some giant competitors and the most important part of it were you: our user – our customer – our fans and friends.

But everything has come to an end. We have grown so much that we cannot continue as the underdog anymore. we have gone through several rounds of angel financing and venture capital – and we have spend that money well. It is time now to take on a bigger role and this is why we are verry happy to announce that we have been aquired by Google (yep – not joke!).

Google has chosen to end the free account on March 15, 2011, however we have worked hard with them to get you a very special deal. They offer all free user 50% the cost of the new basic account for the first year! You were calculating? Right – it will save you 369$. We hope that you will honour our last duty to you and keep on board for the ride.

Thank you for being our user – we hoop you’ll keep on being a part of the expert network.

Many thanks,

yours Martin Metzmacher

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