How to Publish on Apple

Without a doubt, e-books are fast becoming a trend among readers around the world.  If you happen to be a writer, you can venture into the e-book publishing industry through Apple’s iPad.  This gadget, which is used by many to read e-books, is directly linked to Apple’s iBookStore, where readers can purchase and download from a wide selection of electronic books.

If you are considering publishing an e-book through Apple, the following guidelines are helpful:

Formatting the book

After writing and editing your e-book, make sure that it is formatted properly.  There are no exact rules, but the ideal font size is around 12 to 14 points.  The font styles should also be more or less uniform, and of course the first lines of each paragraph must be indented.  After each page break, there should also be about two spaces, to prevent pages from running into each other.

Converting the text into ePub format

This is the second step in publishing your e-book.  If your word processor provides an option for saving a document as an ePub file, then you can convert it directly.  Otherwise, there is plenty of free software that can do this.  One of these is Calibre, which can help organize book texts into chapters, a table of contents, and so on.  What’s more, it is free so you do not have to spend anything; you can easily convert your DOC, HTML, PDF, RTF, TXT, and other files into ePub through this free software.

 On the other hand, if you have Apple’s iWork Office Productivity Suite, you can also create an ePub file through its Pages feature.  This is possible if your iWork is regularly updated.

Purchasing an ISBN

This is an important step in publishing your e-book.  An ISBN basically indicates that you, and not anyone else, are the publisher of your e-book.  ISBNs can be bought via the Bowker Agency, which, in the United States, is the only legitimate place where you can purchase ISBNs.  Notably, each ISBN costs 25 dollars.

Connecting with an Apple aggregator

At present, publishing directly into the iBookStore is not yet an option, so you would need to connect with an Apple aggregator.  There is a quite a number of aggregators that are approved by Apple.  Most of them require an upfront free, while there are a number that makes it possible to publish for free.

Typically, after paying an up-front fee, an Apple aggregator will take care of distributing your e-book.  Generally, after Apple gets its iTunes Store cut, you will receive one hundred percent of the book sales profits.  Nonetheless, the price is different for every aggregator, so it would be wise to look around and ask for quotes first before making an agreement.

Remarkably, Smashwords is an option that allows you to publish your e-book for free.  In this case, your text can be uploaded as a Word document.  In turn, Smashwords will convert this into an ePub file, and a request to be included in the iBookStore can be made.

By keeping these steps in mind, e-book writers are assured of publishing, distributing, and selling their electronic books without any hassle.

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