How to Make Perfect Links

Links are so important because they give meaning to all the content on the Internet. The Internet is an enormous space of content. The content would be useless if we do not have a good way of structuring it and showing the relationship between different pieces of content. This is where links come in.

Links Have Semantic Meaning

A link makes a connection from one piece of content to another piece of content. This relationship has a semantic quality. What that means is the relationship is defined by the words of the link and of the link title. A good example is from sometime between 2004 to 2006. There were a lot of people linking to the website of George W. Bush with the link called “The Dumbest Man Ever.”

Let’s take this from a different angle. How do people learn meaning? When you were young, you learned meaning when you connect different words to different objects or activities. If you have an apple, and you say “apple”, you would hear your parents confirming and acknowledging it. This way, you get to connect a semantic meaning to the object.

Google Learns from Links

Links basically work the same way.  Who are we teaching? It’s Google.  Think of Google as a child who wants to know what everything around him is about.  Making a link which says ‘very good winery,’ you teach Google that this site, just an example, is a site that you consider to be about a good winery.  Google actually learns what you think this object, in this case site, is – which is about a good winery.  However, Google learns from hundreds of links, and not only from your link, but everyone’s link as well.  Some people would consider is about a bad winery. If there are a lot of people who thinks it’s about a bad winery and you’re the only one who thinks otherwise, Google might ‘think’ you are wrong.

That is how Google learns what a website is. It actually will influence your search results. If a lot of people link to you with a specific name in the link and in the title of the link, Google will assume your site is about that. An actual example is the product and service I offer, which is doing Search Engine Optimization for a WordPress blog.

Rank Higher in Google With Meaningful Links

Whenever I can, and when people visit my site, I ask them to link to my site using good WordPress SEO and Internet Marketing.   This is what I want Google to know, what I’m all about.  This also helps me to write better for these kinds of work.

When a lot of people link to me using “WordPress SEO”, I will get higher in the Google rankings under SEO.The links should always include a semantic meaning. It doesn’t make sense to link and call that link Click Here or Read More.  No meaning is captured in these links. It has to be meaningful. This is what you should do to all the links on your site.

Make sure you link from a meaningful text and make a meaningful title text on your link.  It should be pretty much the same with only a slight difference.  Keep your links consistent across your site.  It becomes easy if you designed an SEO keyword for every page on your website.

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